REL 1: How do you regulate inbound request rates?

Defining, analyzing, and enforcing inbound request rates helps achieve better throughput. Regulation helps you adapt different scaling mechanisms based on customer demand.


Account Level Throttling
Amazon API Gateway Limits

Best Practices:

Improvement Plan

Use throttling to control inbound request rates

  • Identify steady-rate and burst rate requests that your workload can sustain at any point in time before performance degraded.
  • Throttle inbound request rates using steady-rate and burst rate requests.
  • Use, analyze, and enforce API quotas

  • Define whether your API consumers are end users or machines.
  • Segregate API consumers steady-rate requests and their quota into multiple buckets or tiers.
  • Use mechanisms to protect non-scalable resources

  • Limit components throughput by enforcing how many transactions it can accept directly or via buffer mechanisms, such as queues and streams.