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Applications can exist in one or more environments: your existing data center infrastructure, publicly accessible public cloud infrastructure, or private addressed public cloud infrastructure. Network considerations such as intra- and inter-system connectivity, public IP address management, private address management, and name resolution are fundamental to using resources in the cloud.


Advanced VPC design and new capabilities for Amazon VPC
Networking many VPCs: transit and shared architectures
Associating a secondary IPv4 CIDR block with your VPC
AWS global transit network
AWS Marketplace: networking products that can assist in your design
APN Partner: partners that can help plan your networking

Best Practices:

Improvement Plan

Plan your network to accommodate for growth, regulatory compliance, and integration with others
Growth can be underestimated, regulatory compliance can change, and acquisitions or private network connections can be difficult to implement without proper planning.

Monitor and manage your CIDR use
Evaluate your potential usage on AWS, add CIDR ranges to existing VPCs, and create VPCs to allow planned growth in usage.

Ensure you have highly available connectivity between AWS and on-premises environment
You can achieve this with multiple AWS Direct Connect circuits, multiple VPN tunnels, and AWS Marketplace appliances as applicable.

Ensure you have highly available connectivity for users of the workload
You can achieve this with Route 53, Elastic Load Balancing, and AWS Marketplace appliances, or other third-party solutions as applicable.

Resources from partners
Network Management
Infrastructure Software/Network Infrastructure