PERF 6: How do you evolve your workload to take advantage of new releases?

When architecting workloads, there are finite options that you can choose from. However, over time, new technologies and approaches become available that could improve the performance of your workload.


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Best Practices:

Improvement Plan

Stay up-to-date on new resources and services

  • Evaluate updates and releases: Define a process to evaluate updates, new features, and services from AWS. For example, building proof-of-concepts that use new technologies. When trying new ideas or services, run performance tests to measure the impact on the efficiency or performance of the workload. Take advantage of the flexibility that you have in AWS to test new ideas or technologies frequently with minimal cost or risk.
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  • Define a process to improve workload performance

  • Identify the key performance constraints for your workload: Document your workload’s performance constraints so that you know what kinds of innovation might improve the performance of your workload.
  • Evolve workload performance over time

  • Evolve your workload over time: Use the information you gather when evaluating new services or technologies to drive change. As your business or workload changes, performance needs also change. Use data gathered from your workload metrics to evaluate areas where you can achieve the biggest gains in efficiency or performance, and proactively adopt new services and technologies to keep up with demand.